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Welcome to our website! We are two Gen X'ers who've known each other more than half our lives. We fell in love at first site, got married a few years later (Darin had to finish his MBA first), had two kids who are amazing, creative, hilarious and don't really let us feature them in any of our shows but their friends have become big fans. We have a dog, two cats, a bearded dragon and lots of couches that have been destroyed by our animals -- not pinning anything on the bearded dragon because he's in his tank most of the day. We've been married nearly a quarter of a century and we can pretty much complete each other's sentences. So when the pandemic hit, we decided to take our conversations to the masses and turn it into a talk show because doesn't every married couple deserve their own show?

So welcome to our site, our blog, our podcast and our Facebook Live show which we host every day from 10:30-11:15am Monday-Saturday. We're also adding more content -- from health and wellness, travel and more so keep reading, listening and watching and trust us, we will entertain you even if you're feeling down, annoyed or generally just bored. All we can do is Keep it Real and we hope you will join us for the ride!

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