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Keeping it Real with Beth and Darin

Today's edition of Keeping it Real with Beth and Darin Feldman was shot on location in New Rochelle's Flowers Park and this time, we were able to stay outside the whole time. Of course a landscaper was mowing the lawn for part of the show but that didn't stop us. We gave a few birthday shoutouts and of course, shared local NewRo news --- schools will be doing distance learning during the month of September, plus Darin brought us up to speed on the latest New York Mets news, we shared advice to parents of teens or young adults battling "Maskne" (pimples from their masks) covered national stories, entertainment, music and trivia. Listen in right here...

Or you can watch us right here on Facebook...

We'll be back again tomorrow at 10:30am with a special weekend edition of Keeping it Real. Hope to see you there!

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