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Life Happens

I think the hardest part about sticking to a weight loss plan is when vacations and special milestones happen right in the middle of your journey. When I first started my program, about four days later, my husband threw me a surprise 50th birthday...right after I had shed four pounds in the first week! A few weeks after that, we went on a week long vacation to Italy to visit our daughter who was studying abroad. While we must have walked about 20,000 steps a day, I also enjoyed the Italian pasta, pizza and wine and when I came back, I hopped right back on the wagon and continued my health journey.

I think that's why so many of us fall off the wagon and never get back on. We work so hard and then feel like total failures if we splurge for a special occasion or a vacation. But guess what? Life happens and if you're a foodie like me, there will be times where you will want to take a bite or have a glass of wine and that is okay.

Just don't do this...

Or this...

Or this...

The key to becoming a smaller version of you is to enjoy the things you love in moderation. Half the battle with weight loss is mental. The minute you think you're a failure, is the minute that little devil on your shoulder starts to say, "well, you already screwed up so why not go all in and have another glass, or another piece, or that entire container of ice cream." Well as the angel on the other shoulder, I'm here to say -- DON'T DO IT! Have a bite, have a glass, eat half your amazing meal and get right back on the wagon the next day.

As a lifelong dieter, I share the pain of gains while you're trying to lose. But this time, I finally realize that if it clicks in your mind, there's nothing you can't accomplish. So enjoy the road trips, the milestones and the memories you are still making amidst one of the craziest times in our lives. And if you decide to indulge, don't beat yourself up. Nobody is perfect and you will get to your goal and be even more motivated as your journey continues!

Here's to jumping right back on the wagon and riding off into the sunset!

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